2016: A Year in SPIRIANT



Posted: December 21, 2016

How has your year been?

We’re always busy at SPIRIANT – growing, expanding, learning. Sometimes it seems like a year just whizzes by and you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses. Before we know it Christmas will be here and New Year’s is just around the corner, so it’s time to rewind, reflect and take a look at all that we accomplished in 2016!

Global goals: unlocked

We’re living up to our goal of becoming a global company. This means we are speaking in your language and becoming better at communicating around the world. We are building up our networks to bring you the best in products. Plus, with the re-establishment of our Hong Kong team we are reaching more customers than ever before!

The APAC team moved into their new home, met new colleagues, and have been working hard ever since. We also integrated new members into our team in Dallas, as part of our North America development.


Product expertise: increased

We have brought together industry experts for all our product segments and successfully established a dedicated team to handle Amenity Kits. They have already successfully kick-started the creative process.

We have seen how innovative designs can be with the dazzling array of kid’s creations we showcased at 2016’s WTCE – from monsters to UFOs and a mini pilot case amenity kit. We can’t wait to create and share with you more innovative and interesting products in the months ahead also for our upcoming WTCE in 2017, so make sure to check back for any updates!

Three cheers for the wins!

Speaking of amenity kits – we won another TravelPlus award this year!

Thanks to all of the team’s hard work, we won this prestigious award for the Best Male First-Class Amenity Kit, which was designed in collaboration with the famous Bogner German fashion label and Lufthansa.

We were particularly proud, as this was the first time a European airline won in this category.

Go team!

Difficult goodbyes but exciting new beginnings…

This year also saw us say farewell to our managing director, Mr. Alexander Spahn. He went above and beyond to help us position our company, our brand, making sure our team culture remained intact even as we saw rapid global growth. We wish him well at LSG Europe.

Thomas Berti of SPIRIANT

SPIRIANT Thomas Berti

We have now welcomed Thomas Berti as the new Chairman and Managing Director at SPIRIANT, starting in Jan 2017. Thomas joined LSG Sky Chefs’ Corporate Strategy department in 2006 and was promoted to lead it in 2007, further assuming responsibility for Business Development in 2014. Prior to joining, Thomas worked for SCHOTT Glass and McKinsey & Company in corporate-strategy-related positions. Thomas holds degrees in business economics and sociology from the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. We look forward to having him lead us even further in our global journey and positioning ourselves as the innovative and inspired company that we are.

Beyond 2016

SPIRIANT is growing in the Middle East as we continue our dedication to unique product design and innovations in the industry.

We are constantly looking past boundaries and increase ways to define our roles in similar industries, potentially seeing ourselves supplying to train operators and other retailers.

We couldn’t have achieved all that we did without our customers and business partner’s trust and confidence, so thank you!

We look forward to accomplishing more together in 2017 and are definitely excited for the times to come.

On behalf of the entire SPIRIANT family worldwide we wish you all peace and joy this Holiday Season and a New Year filled with health and happiness!

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