4 Reasons Why Glassware is Worth the Investment

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Glass is a material that plays such a commonplace role in our lives, that we probably barely even notice it as we go about our day to day.

It gives us windows, allowing us to safely see from heights. It gives us a see-through storage option such as vases or jars. It even magnifies our vision, allowing us to see clearly.

Glass is so widely used that it’s often in the background playing a supporting role. Yet it has many outstanding qualities, which is why it has found its way into the SPIRIANT portfolio to help customers creating an elegant dining experience.

1. It Gives Drinks a Neutral Taste

If passengers want champagne or a crisp glass of wine, a bad aftertaste could ruin the whole experience for them. With an absolute neutral taste to offer, glass is the best protector for the taste of drinks.

2. The Highest Quality

Glass is durable, and if properly cared for, can stand the test of time. The ‘clink’ of quality is unmistakable and makes passengers feel special and that they are getting the very best treatment.

3. Easily Decorative

It’s easy to customize glass with a logo or branding patterns, so airlines can put their own special signature to their dining ware. If a passenger is sipping their drink, they can see and feel the extra design, adding to the sensorial experience.

4. Environmentally Friendly Properties

As well as being rotable, glass is lead-free making it a sustainable and healthier option. Airlines wanting to switch to sustainable options can invest in the perfect glassware for an attractive solution to passengers.

SPIRIANT has developed a new glassware series made from two different materials coming in different design approaches: crystal glass and soda lime glass. Crystal glass is lightweight, luxury and holds the epitome of fine dining. Soda lime is a more cost efficient option, yet still attractive with high durability and a long life cycle.

For advice on our range of glassware, visit our stand at the WTCE (booth 1E20, Hall A1).

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