A Delight to the Senses

Amenity Kits

We’ve got a little secret here at SPIRIANT…creating an inflight sensorial experience is easier and less expensive than you think.

There’s no doubt that appealing to all five senses creates a holistically appealing (and powerful) experience for passengers. Touch, sight, smell, sound and taste culminate together to evoke emotions that create loyal customers that love your airline!

This is a prime time for comfort and amenity packages to shine and strut their stuff. Here’s how…

Sleepy Scents

It can be as simple as spraying a lavender scent around the cabin to create a relaxing atmosphere. The key element? Add the same scent to the amenity kit so the passenger can later re-experience the effect and emotions of their flight.

Plush Pajamas

You know that cozy feeling you can only get from putting your pajamas on? You can recreate that for passengers by including a luxurious pair in their amenity kit. Touch is a strong catalyst for warm and fuzzy feelings and pajamas thrown into the mix is a guaranteed win.


Handy Headphones

Just think of the possibilities: music, podcasts, comedy, audio books…the list goes on. You’re essentially opening up your passenger’s world to laughter, relaxation, the thrill of a new album – all with the simplicity of having a pair of high quality headphones on board.

Calming Eyeshades

Blocking out the light gives passengers an extra level of control of their surroundings. It creates peace, restfulness and a sense of privacy for complete relaxation. Sometimes the key to a sensorial experience is to quieten the outside world, not let it in!

Delightful Bits

Sometimes every little bit counts. Have a little something such as a premium dark chocolate or a mint candy ready for your passenger – they will be thankful for a delicate pick-me-up before they snuggle down to sleep.

More than looking on individual items, it’s a holistic approach that will make all the difference in whether your passengers perceive their journey as a complete sensorial experience or not.

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