The 5 senses of comfort in the skies

Onboard Comfort


Posted: December 18, 2019

When we talk about ‘comfort’, our first thought is the feeling of touch.

But the concept of onboard comfort isn’t just about touch, it incorporates all five senses.

At SPIRIANT, we design and create products that provide a holistically comfortable experience for passengers.

Let’s take a look at how…



Think about how appealing a pillow or blanket can look. You can come across ‘sink-into’ textiles that make you want to snuggle down and wrap yourself up.

We use materials such as peachskin polyester and fleece to create the maximum snuggle-effect.

On top of this, the use of color can play a big role in comfort. Pristine white represents cleanliness and order, which can help to relax passengers.



There’s nothing more relaxing than the special sound of soft bed linen when you cosy up. We make bed linen from a material called percale, which makes a pleasant sound when unfolding.

Supplying passengers with headphones is also a great path to relaxation. They can choose music to switch off from the flight around them.



Smell is one of our most powerful and nostalgic senses. And there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly laundered sheets from home. Airlines can recreate this homey smell by always having freshly washed sheets ready for the passenger.

For an extra luxurious touch, hot sauna towels with fragrances that are specific to the airline can be incredibly relaxing.



Premium tableware that focuses on space saving can have a big impact on comfort in the skies. We offer meal boxes and porcelain dining ware that are smartly designed with space-saving capabilities, so the passenger can enjoy more room and freedom in their seat and savor every bite.



Of course, touch is still one of the most important senses for comfort. For ultra-softness, we use peachskin, which is a polyester brushed microfiber.

Airlines should always choose materials that are voluminous and puffy when being used, yet are easy to fold and hide away, as they will create a feeling of being ‘on the clouds’.










To conclude, it’s all about the composition of individual products to create a holistically comfortable set-up that will keep passengers happy and relaxed.

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