How to Achieve Relaxation and Passenger Sleep

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Posted: May 9, 2019

Historically, the comfort of aircraft travel has taken a backseat with space becoming more tight in economy classes, yet airlines are looking into other ways to maintain a high standard of passenger comfort.

Our Onboard Comfort Product Manager, Grit Peschke, has been researching the science of sleep and deep diving into the ideal conditions that help us to get much-needed shut-eye.

Her findings? Relaxation is key. If your body and mind can’t relax, then you’ll have a minimal chance of sleep.

Lights and Sounds

If passengers are exposed to harsh lights it will be tricky to drift off. Our Master of Mayfair sleep is made from padded breathable cotton and organic bamboo silk to cool the eyes. It’s also infused with essential lavender oils to aid relaxation.


If you’re too hot, you’ll struggle to sleep. We’ve created a range of textiles that are thermoregulated with a cooling function, making the ideal microclimate for the body to relax.

Our mattresses, duvets and pillows have air circulation properties with soft materials for textiles passengers will want to sink into.



Posture Comfort

Comfort for your joints is a vital part of being able to relax. Using advanced technologies, our 3D (Tencel) Mattress is knitted with a unique pressure release that supports the shoulders and hips, where it’s needed most. The foldable properties make it space saving, also reducing costs on laundry and impact on the environment.

To find out more about how we can help your airline improve passenger sleep, speak to us today.

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