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Posted: June 30, 2020

Airlines worldwide are facing the challenge to protect their passengers and employees from the spread of COVID-19. A lot of new products are needed on airplanes in order to ensure absolute hygienic safety. SPIRIANT has therefore entered a partnership with the Sydney-based cosmetics company BONDI WASH. The Australian company is renowned worldwide for its use of sustainable and locally sourced materials. One of the newest additions to their product portfolio are the hygienic sprays, specifically developed to fight the spread of viral infections.

For their hygienic sprays, BONDI WASH has developed a ground-breaking, low-alcohol formulation. While disinfectants usually need up to 75% alcohol content in order to be protective, BONDI WASH has found a way to lower the alcohol content to 10% while still presenting a highly effective product. The low alcohol content has several advantages, ranging from improved skin tolerance to non-inflammatory advantages. Aloe Vera and vitamin E is added to the products to soften the skin of the user.

An independent lab has confirmed that the products by BONDI WASH kill 99.99% of all germs and bacteria. While testing for the use against COVID-19 is still undergoing, it is confirmed that the products can kill the MHV corona virus, which is closely related to the Virus that is causing COVID-19. The sprays can be applied on hands, hard and soft surfaces and even into the air to disinfect.

The BONDI WASH products are currently used in our ‘new amenity kit’ as part of our #flysafe collection. If you are interested in our articles for hygienic safety, please contact us on [mail_encrypt mail=”” text=””]

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