Airline Textiles: How to let Cultural Variation Shine Through


Cultural Variation and Inclusion on flights is important for many reasons. It can often be the first hint for a passenger of what’s to come at their destination. Yet it can also feel like home for people who are returning.

Airlines need to make sure they’re infusing the cabin with cultural influences, to keep customers happy and encourage brand loyalty.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:


Cultural Variation

Cultural Colors

Airlines can evoke Cultural Variation by using colors smartly in their branding. Branded textiles such as blankets and pillows can go a long way to reminding passengers of home.

Of course, texture is also important here. Airlines can introduce texture variations and patterns to represent a particular culture.


Slip into Comfort

Particularly for Asian passengers, slippers can be an important cultural addition to the cabin. Our partnership with Asiana Airlines is a prime example of this.

Cultural Variation

In Korea, slippers have cultural weight as they protect the feet from external dirt once you’ve removed your shoes. That’s why our Economy Smartium Class amenity kits, for Asiana’s A350 aircraft house high quality, luxurious slippers for passengers to slip their feet into.

At SPIRIANT, we’re proud to be a global company; with employees and customers coming from all corners of the globe, speaking a multitude of languages, with varying beliefs and traditions at its heart.


We make it a priority to design and create products that are in line with airlines’ cultural identities.

Stay tuned for the second part of our Cultural Variation Series! The next article will follow within the coming weeks.

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