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Posted: January 22, 2020

Now more than ever, it’s true that frequent fliers can make or break an airline’s bottom line. Airlines need loyal passengers who repeatedly use their airlines, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

This means that they need to focus on creating an unrivaled experience in the skies. Passengers need to enjoy their flight in comfort, with memorable experiences onboard.


Top 3 ways to increase brand loyalty of your airlines:


Create exclusivity

Everyone likes to feel special. And if passengers feel part of an ‘exclusive’ club, they’ll be sure to want to fly with you again.

Exclusivity filters throughout the whole cabin, not only the premium classes. Visual touches such as our glacial water cooler can go a long way to making a lasting impression.


Put the focus on co-branding experiences

Joining forces and aligning airlines with a like-minded brand can create a powerful connection for passengers.

For example, we partnered with Audi to create an ultra-soft mattress that marries functional design with the beauty of fashion. It’s luxurious, yet light and foldable without losing its comfort value. It’s highly customizable with logo or design elements easily weaved into the mattress.


Give them something to ‘take-home’

A ‘take me home’ amenity kit is a beautiful, useful kit that the passenger can use onboard but also take home with them into their everyday lives.


TOP TIP: Mix a ‘take me home’ kit with collectibles and you’ll have a collection that will have passengers excited for their next flight. In collaboration with our partner OOKONN we created three unique and fresh design options for you to collect.

Allowing passengers to add their own personal touch to an amenity kit is an all round win. Passengers can personalize their kits by sticking letters directly on to the bag. They can add their own initials, words or even get creative with hashtags.

It engages, connects and inspires a deeper sense of ownership. Airlines should move beyond simple differentiations such as the usual gender specific kits, into ways of giving passengers the gift of self-expression.

Boosting brand loyalty is more important than ever in this competitive landscape. If you want more info or advice, get in touch at

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