How Airlines can enrich the culinary experience beyond food

Premium Experience

For the culinary industries it’s only natural that people truly eat with their eyes’, enjoying the visual appeal of their food design being prepared in-line with the dining ware.

And there’s no reason why airlines can’t offer this delight to passengers.

Together with the culinary excellence from LSG Group, SPIRIANT has been closely studying how the hospitality industry approaches food and its presentation, to develop dining ware that’s focused on culinary excellence.

The result? The first equipment to meet to specific needs in the air – designed by chefs and SPIRIANT.


Round is still on the plate

Our research on high-level restaurants brought up one undeniable fact: round shapes have been and remain the most favored shape for fine dining.

That’s why we created the round-shaped Tonga series. It has almost 100% pure round shapes and can therefore be produced in a rotation body process.

It offers a modular, multi-functional setup, with plates, bowls, saucers, a casserole dish, espresso and a coffee mug. The plates and saucers can also be used as lids, so the menu can easily be presented on different levels on top of each other.dining ware

Dining ware dining ware









Beside the round shapes, different colors of plates support the appealing visual experience up in the air.

The Tonga series provides the flexibility chefs need to create memorable menus.


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