Amenity Kits: The Secret to Wowing the Frequent Traveller

Amenity Kits

Amenity kits are a special part of the passenger experience. Whether travellers fly now and again or are regular business flyers, the amenity kit presents an opportunity to create a strong emotional connection.

How can you go the extra mile to impress a frequent traveller who has regularly experiences amenity kits?

Drum roll please…as customization takes the stage.

Allowing passengers to add their own personal touch to an amenity kit is an all round win. It engages, connects and inspires a deeper sense of ownership.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

We’ve collaborated with luggage brand, Ookonn, to create a stylish amenity kit that’s designed with customization in mind.

Ookonn’s signature round luggage style is still present in this design, but it comes in a variety of different colors along with a detachable handle. Passengers can collect the kits and interchange the handles to create a unique look.

The customization winner is that passengers can stick letters directly on to the bag. They can add their own initials, words or even get creative by adding a hashtag that’s completely relatable to them.

The Unexpected

To keep frequent flyers impressed with amenity kits, airlines have to present the unexpected. We have to move beyond simple differentiations such as the usual gender specific kits, into ways of giving passengers the gift of self-expression.

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