Around the World, Around the Table: Tableware Without Borders

Premium Experience

For some passengers, their flight is an island. A completely isolated haven in the sky between where they’ve been and where they’re going.

The flight will either be their first cultural taste of the place they’re visiting, or it will serve as a last reminder as the trip comes to a happy close.

Culinary minimalism_2

Food is a key part of this integrative cultural experience. At SPIRIANT, we support this by creating flexible and modular tableware that supports the country’s flag and traditions. We know that this needs an approach where aesthetics, operational attributes and customs need to be carefully considered and balanced.

The Long Haul

Choosing tableware is a long-lasting commitment for airlines, where the concepts of ‘timeless’ and ‘modern’ have to combine for a lasting solution. We make sure that airlines can invest in tableware that gives as many plate styles as possible, at high quality and cost-effective rates.Premium Experience_08

The Porcelain Series

Our brand new modular series of 6 Porcelain dining ware collections breaks down cultural borders, allowing airlines to flexibly unite the flags of their destinations. The best bit? Airlines don’t have different tableware for each country and region.

Premium-Experience-10Think the statement combination of a square series with a round bowl. Or the impact of minimal with a dash of a complex pattern or color. Our Porcelain series disrupts borders in a seamless and culturally inclusive way.



Look out for Around the Table, Around the World: Part Two that’s going to delve into how SPIRIANT reveal how to integrate signature cultural items.

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