Around the World, Around the Table: Operational Dreams

Premium Experience

Did you know it’s possible for tableware to be culturally representative in an operational sense?

It’s just not a job for aesthetics…

premium-experience_05Food is the Star, Tableware is the Canvas

Incorporating the traditional value of dining ceremonies from around the globe is at the heart of our design. For example, in Asia it’s tradition to share food with revolving tables. Likewise, our tableware can be modulated so you can smoothly turn your bowl to share it with your neighbor or traveling companion.

Including the option of cultural etiquette is crucial in going the extra mile with premium tableware.


Works like a Dream

We get that the biggest problems for airlines are space and weight, which might be a perceived barrier when considering more culturally inclusive tableware. Our Porcelain series are lightweight yet durable and are designed to easily slot into trolleys, ovens and dishwashers.premium-experience-18

For example, our soup bowl sits on a slate that’s a hybrid of a plate and a tray. They’re slim, sleek and perfectly culturally apt.

We know that you can easily bring customs and traditions onto your plane. We believe that flights don’t have to have borders. With careful consideration of aesthetics, operations and customs we can create solutions that are beautiful and culturally inclusive.

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