Breaking the Mould, Part One: Natural Look Dining Ware

Premium Experience

Dining ware is an emotive area of the premium experience. Functionality and quality is important, but having the edge on design can create strong emotional connections with passengers.

Last year, we introduced a luxury porcelain series that focuses on pure indulgence; with each series named after an idyllic island from around the world.

Now, we’ve ramped up these collections, merging new designs and surfaces, taking them to a higher level. This three-part article series will introduce each new collection, highlighting how they can transform your dining experience.

Dining Ware, Natural Elements collection

Natural Elements collection


More Than Standard Porcelain

Our Natural Elements collection combines the organic shaped Jamaica series with the soft-edged Java series. We’ve added new graphics and innovative glazing that work together to present each piece in a unique way.

The result is a new collection that celebrates the natural look of porcelain dining ware.



Signature Items

To build on the uniqueness of the collection, we’ve introduced decorations and signature items that support sustainability. A glass stirrer, chopsticks made out of rice husk and napkin kings made from ghost nets, complement the simplistic natural look of the concept.

We’ve also created a round-edged, porcelain hot towel holder and square casserole dish that are both stackable and have high durability.

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Next week look out for how we’re playing with shadow and light in The White Concept dining ware.

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