Breaking the Mould, Part Three: Abstract Dining Ware

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At SPIRIANT, we love to stay innovative and develop concepts that simply approach design differently. We’ve built on our idyllic Island collections from 2018, to create three new concepts: Natural Elements , which celebrates natural look porcelain, and White Concept, which presents monochrome dining ware.

In the last of our three-part series on dining ware that breaks the mould, we’re focusing on abstract style dining ware.

New Modern

The New Modern concept celebrates the trend in abstract and geometric design, by combining our straight and square Fiji Series with the round Tahiti Series. The design creates a restaurant feeling, with the added benefit of space. The beauty of geometrical precision is also heightened by unexpected wooden and metal highlights .

Together, Or Alone

We’ve created specially designed complementary items including the rimless black cheese plate and square, space saving casserole dish.
These items work perfectly on their own, but also form a holistic picture with a collective graphic effect when together. The collection is customizable and has a modular design, which makes it particularly easy for the crew to handle and save space on board.


Abstract Dining Ware

Abstract Dining Ware

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