Breaking the Mould, Part Two: Monochrome Dining Ware

Premium Experience

In Part One of this article series, we look at how we’re breaking the mould with natural-look porcelain dining ware .

We’re introducing three brand new china ware dining collections that ramp up our luxury porcelain series we launched in 2018, which are aptly named after idyllic islands.

At SPIRIANT, we know it’s crucial for airlines to present an impressive dining experience to passengers, which is why we’re always building on our collections, with designs that break convention.

Dining ware, White Structure Concept

White Structure concept


Shadow and Light

In The White Structure concept, we’ve played with light and shadow to present a monochrome style collection. Derived from the classic and timelessly round Tahiti series, we’ve integrated structural aspects and introduced innovative items.

The result is a striking collection that is perfect for passengers who want a fine dining experience with an unexpected twist.


Highly Functional

The collection is developed with the crew in mind, with 360 degree serving capability – the casserole dishes can easily be turned for serving. The slim slate has space for three bowls, creating space and simplicity.

We also have a porcelain spoon suitable for an authentic menu presentation or Amuse Geule to give an indulgent look and feel. The plate has a wide rim with a sensual line structure and is accompanied with a cloche to enhance the element of surprise and anticipation.


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Look out for part three in our series where we’re showcasing our New Modern dining ware concept.


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