How to Brighten up a Cabin in January

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As we all know, January can be a bit of a grey month. Many people have had a break and are struggling to get back into work-mode. When the mood is low, airlines have the possibility to add small touches to brighten up a cabin, improve your passengers’ mood, and make them smile. Here is a useful insight how to provide your customers with a small, bright cabin addition.

From experience, it is known that the best way to make a passenger happy is to conjure a smile on their lips. Especially in January, this could probably be the most important technique to brighten up your passenger’s day.

Building up a powerful customer experience can be a long journey. It involves creating special moments, memorable experiences and of course, to exceed your passengers expectations on a daily basis.

SPIRIANT offers practical but outstanding product solutions, which add the special ingredient to brighten up every flight.


Go for a Spin










Who doesn’t love to be a big kid again? Our Magisso salt and pepper spinner is designed to evoke childhood memories and produce analog entertainment onboard.

We joined forces with Finnish design brand, Magisso, to create this innovative salt and pepper set. Passengers love playing with the pepper base and the salt spinner top.

The surface of our product is inspired by the structure of airwaves. As a result, passengers can enjoy their flight while using a product which reflects their window view – like an entertaining journey through the clouds.

To conclude, you can brighten up a cabin with color, with perks or even with fun and functional design.


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