How to Boost Buy-on-Board Sales

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At SPIRIANT, we understand how important it is to maximize on ancillary revenue…which is why we have a range of Buy-on-Board solutions.

Our products help to boost sales, but also allows airlines to offer exciting advertising opportunities to partners. How, you ask? Let’s take a look.

The Market Place

 The Market Place is a rotable product made entirely from Polypropylene, that can be placed on top of the trolley to boost and individualize onboard selling.

You can display a whole range of items such as sandwiches and sweets to cater for passenger tastes. Airlines can offer partners the chance to advertise with a banner running along the top of the display box.

For a disposable alternative to The Market Place, airlines can try The Skybox.

Offer of the Day

And the winner is…up to the airline! This Buy on Board solution lets airlines showcase two exclusive products to increase spot selling and reduce stock.

Airlines can opt to showcase whatever product they choose. They can range from duty free products, such a perfume tester for example, or snacks like a packaged salad or fruit bowl.

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