Collaborative Magic: When Design Sparks Fly

Amenity Kits

What do you get when you mix Scandinavian design with German functionality? Well, in this case an award-winning amenity kit by Lufthansa and Jacob Jensen Design. We are so proud that our customer could announce their big TravelPlus award win for “Best – First Class Male Amenity Kit.” Go team!

The Magic Ingredients

Renowned designer Jacob Jensen was known for his iconic design work with Bang & Olufsen, characterized by clear and calm aesthetics. With B&O, he became a pioneer of industrial design, making objects that had true value in the home. Now, his Jacob Jensen Design studio, headed by his son Timothy Jacob Jensen, continues that legacy with Lufthansa.

The perfect amenity kit is more than the sum of its contents. It should create a story, an experience, a take-home message.

Lukas Strupler, our Senior Sales Manager, said: “Our customer, Lufthansa, believes in making amenity kits that have a life way after the flight touches down. As always, we are so happy to have been part of bringing these kits to life.”

The Winning Kit

The two inbound and outbound kits are inspired by the Jacob Jensen logo, which contrasts light and darkness. The two-tone sphere became a representation of moving through night and day — for those travelers who are always on the go.

With that in mind, Lufthansa also wanted the contents to reflect this travel lifestyle. With La Prairie skin-care products to refresh passengers when they wake up, the kit contains all the products one needs, including a smart little coffee-table book about Jacob Jensen Design.

It Takes Teamwork

Timothy Jacob Jensen stated, “It has been an honor to be chosen by Lufthansa to design their amenity kits. Working together with both Lufthansa and SPIRIANT, who share our North European values of keeping a special focus on the customers, has been very enjoyable and an insightful experience for us.”

The teams worked hard to make sure both the high-concept and high-quality aspects of the design vision could be realized. With everyone’s commitment to function, form and design we were able to make a kit that had a touch of everyone’s personality. It is an amazing kit for the Lufthansa passenger, one that is truly a collector’s item.

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