Coming together: A behind-the-scenes look at the new SPIRIANT APAC office



Posted: March 10, 2016

I bet you’re sitting in your office right now, maybe with a cup of coffee in front of you, enjoying the comfort of a familiar working environment. There’s probably a photo of loved ones on your desk or the miniature trophy your favorite soccer club won 10 years ago — items that reflect your personality. Or maybe it’s just the permanent chaos on your desk that makes it your own very personalized spot.


Now imagine you are told that in three months all that will change! Not only do you have to leave the place where you’ve been working for the last 10 odd years — where you found your creative power and developed and executed your best ideas – but you are also gaining almost 20 new colleagues on top of that! And if that wasn’t enough change, you also hear that the other team has to eventually merge with yours! (How’s that for one fine morning?)

This scenario gives you a glimpse of the true challenge behind SPIRIANT’s goal of expanding competencies in the Asia/Pacific region from a personal perspective. As one of the members of the project group, the first step for me was to realize that this was not just about building a new office. It was about enhancing a team and meeting all their needs in the conviction that this commitment would be passed on to our worldwide customers by providing them with the most creative tailor-made solutions.


Expanding Competencies in the Asia/Pacific

So what does it take to make a group of people get over the bittersweet memories of their old beautiful desk? First, provide them with the space and tools they need to actually do their job the best they can. Because our old procurement office was bursting at the seams with almost 20 people, our main consideration here was to finally give them enough space to archive samples for different customer projects. Second, bring experts together in the right constellation and framework. With the move, we could eventually set up a dedicated competence center for managing and creating amenity kits. From a specialized designer to brand managers and merchandizers, the needs of this highly specialized team were met by providing them with a creative corner away from the main commercial, procurement and logistics Teams.


When we officially inaugurated the office on March 1, the excitement of this newly brought together group was palpable. Whether with selfies at their desk or of the office itself, it was clear to see that this group of individuals was now connected with one common event, one common starting point and one common goal!

While everyone settles down in their new surroundings in APAC, the journey for SPIRIANT continues on to another part of the world. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and bring our customers the most innovative ideas in inflight equipment, no matter where they are.


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