Connected Solutions for Smooth Service

Crew & Service

We believe in practical, space saving solutions that connect together to make a cohesive package that works holistically.

An isolated product that works exceptionally well standalone is fantastic, but often airlines don’t realize that their lives could be a lot easier with a sequence of products that simply flow. Make sure to check out the video down below to see the products in action…

Connected-Solutions-Packaging-EuroboxMeal Boxes

Imagine a meal box that focuses on stackability, without compromising on aesthetics. We create smart meal boxes, where the hot meal box can be easily nestled on top of the cold meal box for a space saving and compact solution.


But the intelligence doesn’t stop there…


The meal boxes are so economic with space, that you can easily fit up to 12 units per drawer. That means it equates to a whopping 168 units per full size trolley!

And once the trays are stacked with meal boxes ready for serving…


You can fit a total of 7 drawers in one trolley. Once service is over, the drawers can be folded quickly and you can fit 3 folded drawers into one runner.

Which leaves room for…

020 Waste Bag Holder 013 APPWaste Bag Holder

Our unique waste bag holder that dispenses with the need for an extra waste trolley. Once the drawers are folded down, it creates enough space for the specially engineered waste bag holder ring that slots onto the first runner of the trolley. The unique structural design of the holder allows crew members to tip the waste bag forward allowing for wider access and overall bag support, which reduces tears.


There you have it! A specially designed, clever sequence of products that work cohesively for a connected solution to make the crew’s life easy.

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