How Onboard Cutlery Can Be Both Beautiful and Functional

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Cutlery is an unmistakable part of the dining experience in most European cultures. Although it’s crucial it can often be an afterthought, which can be damaging to service in the eye of the passenger.

As the aviation industry recognizes: if it’s high-performing cutlery you won’t even notice, but if it’s badly designed…it becomes obvious quickly.

We’re shining a spotlight on the merits of rotable cutlery, often an unsung hero that does its job efficiently and quietly in the background.


Essential and Complex

Cutlery might seem like a simple addition to the dining ware ensemble, but it’s actually a complex consideration. Cutlery has to be a well-thought out product, as it needs to tick many boxes.


Tactile and Ergonomic 

Out of the whole dining ware set, cutlery is going to be the part passengers are most in contact with, as it’s something you touch. Passengers hold it, they move it around and eat with it, so it’s an ergonomic and highly personal interaction.


Aesthetics and Function

As well as being highly functional, cutlery needs to be beautiful and functional. For example, a knife will need to be easily picked up from a table, but at the same time shouldn’t use much space.

We offer 4 sets of rotable cutlery with different finishes, either matte or satin finished. You can also play around with structure, surfaces, colors and logo to create a highly personalized cutlery set with dynamic shapes.

To get a full-circle picture, check out our sustainable options too for advice on disposable alternatives to single-use plastics.

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Are you thinking about paying cutlery more attention? Reach out to our sales team for more information.

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