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Posted: October 31, 2014

Grit Peschke, SPIRIANT’s textile engineer

Grit Peschke, SPIRIANT’s textile engineer

Meet Grit Peschke, she’s quite the fire-starter at SPIRIANT! Well, she doesn’t literally start fires, but as SPIRIANT’s textile engineer, one of her (coolest) jobs is to conduct fire tests to ensure the authenticity of all new textile materials she develops.

SPIRIANT offers a wide range of textiles, such as cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polyacrylic, leather and feather filled products. Grit conducts several tests under real-life conditions to guarantee excellent quality and suitability for use in order to ensure the product’s life cycle onboard. These tests include washing tests to ensure color fastness, chemical lab tests for a healthy chemical composition and fire tests to ensure the material composition is correct.

“To make sure we provide an airline with the right textile product, we start the product development process by finding out exactly how the material will be used,” said Grit, SPIRIANT’s textile engineer. “How crews work with textiles onboard, or how they will be washed, for example, influences the lifecycle of the product. This information, along with the airline’s budget allows us to match textiles to the customer’s individual needs.”

What’s new at the textile lab? At the moment, Grit is working on developing special anti-allergic textiles for one of our customers. She is also developing more eco-friendly textile alternatives made from PLA (polylactic acid) and recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, so get in touch with us to have her develop special textiles for your passengers as well.

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