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An artist needs a canvas to present his art. And so does a chef.

SPIRIANT designers work together with the Culinary Excellence Team of the LSG Group to close the circle between looking good and tasting good. We bring easy to implement but beautiful pieces to on-board dining. Let’s find out more…

Doing the creative chefs justice

SPIRIANT Food DesignPart of tasting good food is wrapped up in how the food is presented.

When an airline customer has a talented chef designing the menu, you need to do their work justice – and put as much passion into presentation and packaging of the food as they do to the taste and texture of the meal.

So, well designed equipment is important to complete that circle – and this is where SPIRIANT comes in.

Presenting food beautifully means your palate is already expecting something wonderful. So our equipment plays a big part in creating this experience from start to finish.

We wouldn’t want a chef to be let down simply by the presentation of what they deliver, would we?

Eco-Friendly Eating

We can see from food art to durable design, ‘eating with your eyes’ means exploring how we make meals an experience from start to finish.

And that doesn’t stop when we want to be eco-friendly. Take our light-weight porcelain in-flight tableware for example.

At 30% less weight than traditional products, it’s a space saver and eco-friendly – but it also looks great. Serving food this way means creating an elegant look-and-feel that’s also tough and scratch resistant (ideal for industrial catering!).

Overall – presenting food in the right way means tapping into the science behind ‘eating with your eyes’, giving people the power of taste before they’ve even opened their mouths.

What Can We Learn From Contemporary Food Design?

Design studio Bompas and Parr take aesthetic concepts and turn them into a more practical take on delicious looking food (that you can actually eat). They excel at bringing together flavors and food in a sensory way.

It is a fun and creative example, taking the principles we live by every day in our equipment to the furthest extreme. Here at SPIRIANT we have the challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing equipment that remains both functional and durable – rounding off the whole onboard eating experience. We make sure the food that is served to you during your journey doesn’t only taste good but is practically and beautifully presented and packaged!


Do you have any other design eye-pleasing examples of food presentation and packaging concepts? Post below and share your thoughts!

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