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As COVID-19 measures begin to lift in Europe, the Airline industry is slowly preparing for a restart of operations. However, it is already clear that this year’s travel season will be under completely new circumstances. Airlines must make sure to not further contribute to the spread of the virus and work with new concepts to do so. In order to start travelling again, it is necessary to provide passengers with a new hygiene standard onboard.

There is a set of products like facemasks, hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes which become essential to ensure passenger safety and onboard comfort.

We at SPIRIANT have rethought the concept of amenity kits and developed a new way to ensure passengers will not contract any disease while travelling. Our new line of amenity kits contains a wide variety of items that are ensuring the safety of passengers while still giving Airlines the opportunity to promote their brand and choose from a selection of different design options.

Let’s look into three concepts we developed to create a smooth restart of operations:


1. Standard PPE

This concept builds the basis to ensure absolute security for passengers. It includes a MOPP pouch that contains the most important items to keep your journey virus free, such as non-woven face masks, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. These are the absolute must-haves on every journey in the upcoming summer and mandatory on almost every flight.


2. Eco warriors kit

While safety is the most important issue when it comes to these products, environmental awareness and a general sense for fashion should not be neglected. Therefore, we also offer a kit completely made out of environmentally sound materials. It includes a reusable facemask and a pack of sanitizing towels safely stored within a pouch. The brown and dark green colors resemble the eco-friendly material while also offering a more fashionable choice compared to the average non-woven face masks.


3. Fashionista

For those seeking an option that differs widely and offers much room for customization, we have developed the fashionista collection. The pouch itself contains a refreshing towel as well as a pack of tissues. The most outstanding item however is the reusable facemask made with 100% cotton fabric. We offer many eye-catching designs in line with your brand identity that will make this face mask a desirable object for passengers to take home and continue using in their everyday life.


In addition to all these products, we continue to examine further possibilities and products. Check our webpage and social media to stay up to date on any developments in this product line.

If you are interested in implementing the new amenity kits for your business, contact us here. We have a wide portfolio with different design options and are more than happy to work with you to find the most suitable option for you.


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