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In our previous article, we have presented you the solution to the regulations imposed on airlines in light of the ongoing corona crisis. Passengers are now obliged to wear facemasks and take several hygienic precautions while travelling. In order to provide airlines with a variety of options to choose from we have developed different concepts for our #flysafe kits. You have already seen our essential, EcoWarrior and Fashionista kit, but there is another option targeted at business and first class travelers: Our “new amenity kit”.

Our new kit is stacked with a wide variety of luxurious items aimed at providing the best possible travel experience. They come in a great looking leather pouch with fully customizable design. The whole kit is designed with emphasis on a luxurious travel experience and actually meant for passengers to take home after their flight, so they can continue using it in their everyday life. The kit includes a sleep mask, a pack of disposable gloves, pocket tissues and earplugs. Additionally they contain a small bottle of hand sanitizer that comes with a fitting keyring, a facemask made with the groundbreaking FUZE technology and two small bottles of BONDI WASH hand and mist spray from our Australian partners Natural Supply Co. The last two items are the key ingredient that turn this kit into the best choice when it comes to safe, luxurious travel, so it is definitely worth to take a closer look at them:


1.FUZE Facemask

Like all our #flysafe products, this kit contains a facemask. The key difference is the material used for the mask. The mask is made with 100% cotton; however, the fabric has been treated with the groundbreaking FUZE technology. FUZE is a chemical-free, eco-friendly technology that is applied to any surface or textile to prevent and protect against 99.9% of bacteria, mold and infectious diseases. Only a small amount of the material is needed in order to make it effective. For apparel products, FUZE technology has been proven to maintain efficiency for over 100 washes. The technology is currently tested for its efficiency in the fight against COVID-19. First test results indicate that COVID-19 is not able to live or spread on fabrics that have been treated with the FUZE technology.

2.Bondi Wash hand and mist sprays

The other key item of our new amenity kit are the included BONDI WASH sprays produced by our high-end cosmetics partner Natural Supply Co. The Australian company produced a groundbreaking, low-alcohol formulation that is naturally anti-bacterial. The alcohol percentage of the products is at less than 10% and all substances used are certified organic. Due to its low alcohol content it is completely safe to use and non-flammable. Lab testing has confirmed that the product kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. Additionally, the products contain aloe vera and vitamin E to ensure ultimate skin tolerance. Both sprays are usable on hands, hard or soft surfaces and in the air while never losing their disinfection effect.

As you can see, our new amenity kit offers outmost comfort and security for all frequent travelers. It is the ultimate solution for airlines looking for high-end products to create a smooth journey for their passengers. In case you have any questions regarding our #flysafe products or like to obtain more information, please contact us via info@spiriant.com. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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