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Posted: June 27, 2018

At SPIRIANT, we believe in taking big steps to work together to build a sustainable future for our lovely planet.

Sustainable products can sometimes be seen as potentially expensive or lower quality than other products on the market. This simply isn’t true.Packaging-ECO-Grass-2

Our new paper meals boxes are made out of grass. It’s a perfectly sustainable alternative to plastics with huge benefits to the environment. But its revolutionary benefits don’t stop there: many paper materials contain wood fiber pulp which uses a hefty few thousand liters of water per ton during production. Our material is partially made from grass fiber pulp which uses less than one liter per ton. This is an impressive 80% energy saving per ton and zero use of any process chemicals.

● Using grass cuts the CO2 emission of your usual production process
● It means there is no resource depletion
● The production process can be carried out without the use of chemicals
● Grass is a natural resource and can be sourced locally and cost-effectively


The truth is, the world is getting more and more switched on to caring for our planet and passengers are no exception. An eco-friendly, grass meal box solution on board will demonstrate to passengers that your airline is taking sustainability seriously, which will undoubtedly both impress them and increase loyalty.

Now more than ever willing to adopt new approaches is the key to evolution and moving forward. Not only is sustainability a responsibility, but it can do wonders for your brand and image.Packaging-ECO-Grass-3

Speak to us for advice on why and how to make a switch to sustainable meal boxes.

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