Happy Birthday SPIRIANT!



Posted: April 10, 2014

"SPIRIANT is fresh, modern and inspiring," Alexander Spahn, Managing Director.

“SPIRIANT is fresh, modern and inspiring,” Alexander Spahn, Managing Director.

To congratulate SPIRIANT on a successful first year, Mr. Spahn cut a special birthday cake. The SPIRIANT brand was launched one year ago and continues to inspire passengers around the world with exciting products and onboard equipment.

“SPIRIANT stands out through its highly professional, creative and smart (working) environment.”  (Vahid Sayad, Supply Chain Management)

“With a clear and recognizable service profile, the SPIRIANT brand is more attractive than ever before,” Daniel Knies, Director Design, explains. Proud to be a member of the SPIRIANT family, Joachim Froeschle, Manager Engineering, says the success lies in the fact that “SPIRIANT proves innovativeness and creativity through actions and products, living the brand promise.”

“We are young, dynamic and innovative and hopefully the future holds lots of business opportunities for us!” (Stephanie Gremmler, Senior Manager Sales)

With the growing influence of global trends on the airline industry comes the need to address unique requirements both flexibly and excellently. For Sandra Ueltzhoeffer, Senior Manager IT Management, “SPIRIANT’s excellence is driven by the diverse and creative workforce that works as a team.” Relying on motivated and dedicated team members, SPIRIANT looks confidently towards the future, excited to be celebrating many more birthdays together in the years to come!

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