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Posted: April 18, 2018

Exactly. The crew are face to face with passengers 24/7, they’re the brand ambassadors who are masters at creating a harmonious inflight atmosphere.

But what helps to keep a smile on their faces, when they’re tired and have travelled through multiple time zones in half the number of days?

We’re lucky enough to have inside knowledge with our very own Thomas Brandt, Sales Manager for Lufthansa, who was a Lufthansa crew member for four years. We got the scoop from him…

32-Buy-on-Board-Business-Class-001_IIFunctionality First
“Easy handling has to come above and beyond everything else. If a product works seamlessly, we have more time to talk to passengers, making them feel at ease and at home.”

Pride in Products
“It makes crew happy to give passengers the ‘wow’ effect, it just creates a positive buzz in the cabin. Handing over a product that doesn’t look appealing is not going to have the desired effect and won’t make you feel proud, or confident in your service.”

01-Galley-003_kleinSaving Space
“Equipment that is designed to give us much-needed room to maneuver is so important! For example, trays that easily slot into trolleys can make all the difference. With galleys getting smaller, the need for truly space saving solutions is getting bigger…”


Audio Nightmare
“How products sound can make or break a flight, which a lot of manufacturers forget. For example, noisy equipment. For crew, trying to walk through the cabin whilst sounding like a one-man-band is not going to make us feel good.”



Having Thomas and all his valuable experience in our team is truly an asset! Through the critical eyes of an ex-flight attendant, he challenges our product managers to keep the needs of the crew at the forefront.

If you’re a crew member, you can certainly relate to Thomas’ thoughts… What is the one thing that makes or breaks a flight for you? Let us know your thoughts.

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