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In the last year, our customers asked us repeatedly, if there is a heatable solution that is 100% plant-based and compostable. The reason for the great interest is based on an overall industry change towards sustainability, as well as the upcoming Directive (EU) 2019/904, which leads to many restrictions regarding plastic onboard. With the introduction of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive, airlines are under pressure to find environmentally friendly product alternatives for plastic cutlery, stirrers, and straws. Heatable solutions like casseroles are meant to be reduced by the EU Regulation.


Heatable Solutions

Due to the high demands of heatable products, providing a sustainable alternative remained a major challenge to our industry. Especially heatable solutions need to withstand high temperatures and remain stable against moisture, grease, and oil leakage. So far, there was no solution on the market, which could fulfill all requirements. Until now, with the launch of our new product ‘PureCure’.

With PureCure, we have developed an affordable Casserole that meets the challenging needs of customers who are looking for a green product alternative in heatables to improve sustainability. Especially when flying in Economy Class, the food service mostly contains loads of single-use plastic packaging. Furthermore, heatable solutions are indispensable and represent one of the largest expenditures in the Economy Class.

At SPIRIANT, we understand the challenge of making investments in the current time. As we are experts in the market, we are therefore offering a long-term solution with our new product. A solution that will last, support the regulations on environmental protection, and at the same time be able to keep up with previous products in terms of costs.


Our new casserole product is groundbreaking within the aircraft catering market. With PureCure, SPIRIANT sets a foundation stone in the development of such a product.

To understand the high level of innovation of this product, it has to be kept in mind that any product used for aircraft catering has to fulfill a high set of standards:

• high heat-resistant & ovenable
• resistant against deformation
• non-toxic & food safe
• production feasibility


Fiber-based Material

The material that is used in the production of the PureCure Casserole is 100% plant-based. This fact makes it inherently different, as all other casserole products on the market still contain at least a thin plastic layer or coating which makes the casserole hard to recycle or non-compostable. This means that PureCure is the first casserole that does not need to compromise on sustainability. It is a fully compostable product made of fast-growing, natural plant-based material.

Sustainable Casserole



The fiber-based material used for the production of the PureCure casserole offers a wide range of advantages.

Most important are the following:

• Product is made of plant-based material instead of petroleum-based plastic
• 100 % renewable raw material
• 100 % compostable (home compost)
• Toxin-free / Metal-free
• Moisture, grease, and oil resistant
• Heat-resistant (up to 220˚C/430˚F)
• Cool to touch when taken out of the oven
• Customizable shape & branding
• Relatively low complexity of switch from C-PET or aluminum for the caterer
• This fiber-based material with no coating can be sealed with a transparent plastic foil – or using a regular lid out of the same material

Are you still looking for an environmentally friendly alternative that will not jump your budget? Please get in contact at info@spiriant.com. We look forward hearing from you!

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