Heimtextil 2016: How Textile Trends Influence Our Industry

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Posted: February 1, 2016

30905_297_368_cacheDo you remember Grit, our “fire-starter” textile engineer who works with us at SPIRIANT? We were discussing trends for 2016 and she shared some of the cool things she saw at the “Heimtextil” trade show that was held in in Frankfurt last week.

With more than 67,000 visitors, Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality textiles of design and innovative functionality. In between that huge load of creativity, Grit has, of course, her eyes firmly on any linkage to the airline industry and her first stop at the show was the “theme park”, as it gives a summary of different types of trends.

LSG Sky Chefs Blog | SPIRIANT | Cheryl Armstrong | Heimtextil

This year there were four themes exhibited in the park: protect, energize, nourish and enrich. Grit realized immediately that these themes could perfectly correspond to different feelings that airlines want to transport to passengers on board, which can be represented and expressed by choosing a specific set of colors, materials and shapes of inflight products.

LSG Sky Chefs Blog | SPIRIANT | Cheryl Armstrong | HeimtextilThe protection theme is all about comfort and cocooning, which makes it possible for airlines to create an atmosphere of safety and security for the passenger, including soft materials, pastel colors like white, silver and rose as well as 3D effects.

For airlines that put an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, Grit found a lot of inspiration at the nourishment theme, since was dedicated to nature. Feathers, leaves, bamboo and polished wooden materials help to implement the sustainability topic in a classy way.

“When I passed through the enrichment theme area – 5 star airlines and the Middle East popped into my head”, explained Grit as gold, silver and copper among other metals predominate, sequins and embroidery as well as red, dark blue and aubergine colors paint a picture of ostentation and prosperity. The last theme, energize, could spotlight the adventure that flying is, represented by strong and clear colors, digital elements, angular shapes and graphics.

LSG Sky Chefs Blog | SPIRIANT | Cheryl Armstrong | HeimtextilWalking along the different booths, interacting with other textile engineers and designers opens up new design opportunities and ideas for her: imitation leathers that get closer and closer to real ones, hound’s-tooth in all colors is very popular and intelligent textiles are on the rise – perfect for inflight products.

I am totally looking forward to how Grit will turn all these impressions into real products onboard for our customers.

So any requests?

Here’s a Video you might like: It’s all about the trends on opening day at the world’s biggest home textiles fair.

(Photo by Kaboompics.com)

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