A guide to helping passengers get in the holiday mood

Amenity Kits


Even the most seasoned of travellers can feel a thrill when they embark on a journey. Business travellers can even get the holiday feeling when they’re visiting a place they frequently visit.

At SPIRIANT, we can help airlines to add to this excitement with products onboard that celebrate the chosen destination.


Tupperware box with city icon details

Airlines can build anticipation for their trip with our tupperware boxes with an iconic city design insert. A perfect reminder of what’s to come and a visually appealing addition to their dining time.


‘Around the world’ bagstravellers

In 2018, we created limited edition amenity kits for Lufthansa that made the perfect collectible. In the brand colors of dark blue and white, each bag had a unique major landmark from around the globe with a striking motif. Passengers could collect The Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Frankfurt Skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge .

The kits were perfect for generating onboard excitement, but also served as a lasting memory of the trip when passengers took them home.


Inside tips in amenity kits

We have amenity kits that include a mini-booklet about the city passengers are headed to. It houses tips on what to do, what to see and facts passengers may not have known already.

We also include fun products that may be needed when they reach their destination, such as sun lotion if they’re heading to beach location.

Adding to the passenger experience will create happy customers, which above all will lead to loyalty in the long run.


To find out how we could help you create excitement onboard, email info@spiriant.com


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