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Posted: August 18, 2017

Premium travel is a powerful force: it’s about creating exclusivity and luxury that will ignite an emotional connection that transpires to loyalty. No small feat, right?

To achieve this, we make sure we have the top experts on board, that not only have unrivalled knowledge and skills, but also reach beyond the current trends to create the next steps in the industry.

Welcome Eva Hotz as our new Product Manager for Premium Experience. She’s taking the helm with all things premium and luxury and we can tell you, her impact has been immense already! In particular, she has a clear talent for finding harmony between classic and modern styles and creating a flexible and completely forward-thinking approach to premium. We’ve never been more prepared and ready to embrace upcoming trends!

Eva Hotz, Product Manager for Premium Experience, SPIRIANT

So, let’s find out a little bit more about Eva and what she brings to the SPIRIANT table:

Design Expertise

Impeccably designed solutions are the backbone of the premium experience. That’s why Eva’s exciting background in design perfectly positions her to create innovative and fresh concepts that are synonymous with the SPIRIANT brand.

Before SPIRIANT, Eva was master and commander of her own product design company, LALI Design for four years. Her big speciality is origami design, which focuses on folding structures.

Eva says: “Facing multiple challenges that come with having your own design business has been the biggest learning curve. Problem solving and building from the ground up was an eye-opener and only propelled my passion for design.”


Premium Experience Island Series

Premium Experience Metz Kindler Series

Premium Experience Metz Kindler Series

Having been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the German Design Award and the Federal Eco Design Prize, Eva knows exactly what makes a concept fresh and different. She emulates a unique approach to design, which she partly credits to insights she gained from her time in Cuba.

“I lived in Cuba for 2 years, where I also studied Industrial Design. My lifestyle was fully Cuban which means no materialism at all, but it did include a wealth of understanding of human society and environmental issues. This greatly prompted a passion for sustainable products, which I am excited to bring to the SPIRIANT table.”

Product sustainability is only the tip of the iceberg; Eva will also be focusing on a holistic approach to international food culture and forming exciting new partnerships with exclusive brands that will shake up the premium arena!

Keep your eyes open for game-changing developments in the premium line at SPIRIANT, they’re coming at you very soon!

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