How Aesthetics and Function Combine for Smooth Service

Crew & Service

At first glance, onboard service only has one goal: to be as functional as possible. Of course a functional product can have a huge impact on a flight for both the passenger and the crew. If a product works like a dream it can make life easier, provide a seamless experience and keep everyone happy.

But it doesn’t have to end there. A service product can also have the wow factor in appearance as well as function.


Tea to Remember

For many cultures, tea serving is an iconic and ceremonial event. The process exists to be enjoyed and is as much a part of the experience as the consumption.

We’ve created a tea service solution that gives tea the ceremonial opportunity it deserves, both aesthetically and functionally.

It’s a three-part solution of a tea serving inlay, tea tray and a holder that combine to create two wow effects: one for the crew and one for the passenger.

The tray inlay is functional and protects six cups and six plates minimizing the risk of breakage. It also fits perfectly into one drawer to save space. The tray can house 16 tea eggs, making it a compact solution. Lastly, the tea serving concept looks fantastic for the passengers, but is also easy to handle for the crew.

A Two-Fold Win

The true beauty of this solution lies in being able to please both the passengers and the crew, as we always say: happy crew, happy flight!

Smartly designed products will always tick both boxes, so airlines don’t need to compromise on visual appeal or function.

Want to see our products in action? Get in touch with our sales team to discuss further.

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