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Posted: October 1, 2019

Technology and digitalization are increasingly parts of our everyday lives, and as its presence grows, so does the expectations of consumers.
Where flights used to be a ‘technology free zone’ for passengers, nowadays it’s becoming commonplace for wi-fi to be offered on board, so there’s no need to disconnect even when flying.
But with limited space on aircrafts, it’s time for airlines to get creative with how they support the digitalization trend.

Fresh tech-supporting ideas
At SPIRIANT, we’re always looking ahead to the trends of the future so we can be prepared to help airlines give passengers what they need.

spac e-saving meal tray; digitalization


  • A spac e-saving meal tray with a holder, so passengers can slot their tablet into their meal tray to work or catch a movie while they’re dining. 
  • A microfiber screen cleaner for TVs, tablets and phones – useful onboard, but can also be taken home and used in everyday life.
  • We created a L’Occitane iPad mini-case amenity kit for Asiana Airlines. The kit is available in four colours; brown and beige to match with Asiana Business Class cabins and Navy and Green to represent classic L’Occitane. It’s made in padded cotton canvas, with a wide zipped opening so it can easily be used as an iPad mini or small tablet case.

L'Occitane iPad mini-case amenity kit; digitalization

In a rapidly changing world, we can help airlines support the digitalization trend, to keep up with passenger expectations.
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