How to Cater for Every Passenger with Retail Packaging

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In today’s world, dynamic packaging can have a big impact on the passenger experience and boost revenue as a result.

Customers’ desire for efficiency has grown. They’re attracted to retail packaging that feels like a custom-made solution especially for them.

We teamed up with Evertaste, an expert brand for packaged products, to create a smart food packaging collection with something for every customer type.


Snacking Passengers

Our snack boxes are perfect for passengers who are looking for something small to eat.

They can also come as complementary boxes to bigger meals.





Mix ‘n’ Match Meals

When passengers want a combination of meals, the modular boxes slot together perfectly. The result is the passenger can have multiple meal and snack options and still have enough space to enjoy them.




Full Tray Fun

A smart solution for passengers who desire the classic full tray concept. The spin on this is that it’s easily stackable, pre-packed and fully disposable.





Premium Packaging

 Special meals deserve a touch of premium. Our premium packaging is beautifully designed so passengers can feel they’re being treated to luxury.

The cherry on the cake is that all of our Evertaste retail packaging is fully sustainable and is optimized for efficient handling and waste collection.

It’s also fully customizable for airlines to put their own stamp on their packaging.

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