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Onboard Comfort

“The journey, not the arrival matters.” –T.S. Eliot

The experience a passenger has onboard isn’t confined to the flight: it travels worldwide. If a passenger has a seamless, luxurious and memorable experience, the story of their flight will go with them into their everyday lives. The upshot of this? The golden goal: customer loyalty.

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To truly create passenger loyalty, airlines need to tap into the magic of how passengers experience their surroundings. The three main ones onboard being: the ceremony of dining, the excitement of entertainment and the luxury of sleeping.

Creating a ‘talk about’ experience doesn’t begin or end with a single product like many believe. The truth is, a true experience is born from a collection of products that effortlessly flow to tell a story.
Expert Understanding

At SPIRIANT, we have invested in a dedicated team of experts who each specialize in a different area of passenger experience. They intricately understand the holistic concept of their expertise area, including sleeping, dining and also the crew’s experience.

One of the most important experiences on long haul flights for passengers is sleep. Our Onboard Comfort team have been visiting sleep institutes to gain an incredibly in-depth understanding of the science and psychology of sleep. The outcome of this is that we’re fully equipped to develop products that work to help passengers achieve a restful sleep. Passengers need good quality sleep and simply putting single products together will not create a cohesive experience.

We’ve implemented this knowledge in our recent collaboration with Lufthansa for their onboard comfort Dream Collection articles, creating a luxurious sleep experience in business class.

05-Blanket-LH-Dream-Collection-3For a peaceful sleep, the trick is to simulate home life. Studies show that we are creatures of habit who carry out the same rituals before we go to bed, so it stands to reason that if you recreate these rituals outside of your home you will feel more comfortable and in the mindset for sleep.

With this in mind, we created a DIY luxurious mattress (for flights over ten and a half hours), which emulates a clean, fresh bed that you would slip into at home. Passengers can open the topper with a 100% cotton surface from a bag, lay it on the seat and sink into it. It’s also been optimized for size, meaning that passengers always have maximum contact with the bed and it doesn’t require extra storage space.

Passengers can snuggle into a big, soft and light duvet that fills their whole seat, keeping them warm. The fluffy, cozy feeling will give a feeling of comfort and security like at home. The material is a soft, peach-skin fabric that perfectly matches that of the new pillow case.

01-Sleep-Shirt-LH-Dream-Collection-8_blogBefore climbing into bed passengers can pull on a comfortable sleep shirt from Van Laack. It’s purposely over-sized and extremely roomy as a result. Business travelers on night flights of over ten and a half hours could possibly have been in formal office wear for the whole day, so a pajama shirt that is light around the chest area will make for a peaceful sleep experience.

A Dreamy Collection

You can see how the Dream Collection tells a luxurious story. Passengers simply pull on a sleep shirt, sink into a comfortable mattress topper, whilst laying their head on a deluxe pillowcase and fluffy pillow. They can cover themselves with an ample, deluxe blanket to keep cozy and warm. The experience flows.

Telling a story takes knowledge and expertise. When that’s applied, airline customers can see that it can bring maximum benefits to the passenger. Once passengers emotionally connect with the brand experience onboard, that feeling carries on into their everyday lives.

This is when airlines truly create experiences for passengers that go beyond the journey, to become worldwide stories.

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