What Makes an Amenity Kit a 'Collectible'?

Amenity Kits

LH-Around-the-World-4What does the term ‘collector’s item’ mean to you? Perhaps it’s something that represents personal or monetary value. Maybe it’s a limited edition product series that’s in incredibly high demand that you simply must have.

The truth? It can be any of the above. It’s an item, or series of items that embody a rarity and excellence that makes them especially worth collecting.

What Makes a Collector’s Item?

In the aviation world, collectibles help airlines make flights memorable and encourage passenger engagement and loyalty. In 1956 KLM airlines decided to present each business class passenger with a gift: a Delft Blue miniature traditional Dutch house, filled with Dutch gin. Every year since then, on 7th October a new house is revealed to mark the anniversary of KLM’s creation in 1919.

So, what was the result? KLM’s Dutch houses are now desirable collector’s items, extremely popular amongst passengers and highly anticipated.

The question is…what makes the houses so popular? Let’s take a look at the influences of what makes a collectible item.


If there is a particular global trend, it makes sense that a product which encapsulates that trend will become high in demand. This could range from a popular material, right through to sustainability.


Imagine you’re on a flight and you receive a smart promotional item that works amazingly. Not only do you want to take that home with you, but you want more because it’s completely user-friendly and highly functional.

Visual Appeal

Now, aesthetics doesn’t just have to mean beautiful in this case. Passengers using the Lufthansa First Class Terminal are pretty familiar with the collectible rubber duck souvenir. The cuteness and variety (coupled with usability) will make the ducks perfect for lining up on the bathroom shelf, or giving to children in the family.


Lastly, anything limited edition ignites a psychological effect in human beings. It stokes the flames for passenger demand so they feel the urge to snap up the collection quickly before time runs out and it’s no longer available.
 LH-Around-the-World-8‘Around the World’ Amenity Kits

There’s no doubt that amenity kits make the perfect collectible. Their ability to incorporate visual appeal, trends, function and limited edition capabilities can be irresistible to passengers.

We used our knowledge to help Lufthansa create a new series of ‘Around the World’ collectible amenity kits for Premium Economy.

But what makes them a perfect collector’s item?

Visual Appeal: The bags are in the new brand colors of dark blue and white and are based on major landmarks around the globe. The kits offer five attractive and striking motifs: The Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Frankfurt Skyline, Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Trend and Usability: Sustainability has never been more pressing and topical than it is now. With 10 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans each year, it’s more important than ever for theLH-Around-the-World-1 whole planet to work to make a difference. The bags are completely reusable (note the appeal of functionality), making them perfect for shopping or taking to the beach, therefore reducing the use of wholly unnecessary single-use plastic bags.

Scarcity: To top it off, it’s also Limited Edition available on this year’s summer flights, which we’re predicting will create a buzz amongst passengers during their flight, and long after they’ve landed.

As you can see, at SPIRIANT, we use our expertise to create collectibles that tick all the boxes. We understand the influencing factors that make a collector’s item truly collectible and we incorporate them into the conception and design of a product series that will keep passengers talking for years to come.

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