What Makes a ‘Take Me Home’ Amenity Kit?

Amenity Kits

Amenity kits are an airline’s best friend: a perfect vessel to create an all-important emotional connection with your passengers. High value, exclusive and luxurious, amenity kits can help airlines stand out from the competition.

But the truth is, the potential value doesn’t stop when the flight lands, the passenger should take them home to be a permanent resident in their lives.

Let’s look at how…Bild1_blog

Visual Appeal

If a kit looks stunning, it’s going to go a long way (literally). It stands to reason that the more attractive a kit is, the less willing a passenger would be to part with it. Design, coloring and materials all need to be carefully considered.


Minimal Branding

There’s a fine line here and it takes expertise to get it spot on. Branding is a must because simply, you want the passenger to remember it was you they flew with. However, you don’t want to overpower the kit with logos and wording. To make it to after-flight, the passenger needs to be able to visualize the kit in their lives (with their stamp), which is tough when all they can see is branding.

Mix it Up

Amenity kits that serve a multiple purpose are hugely successful. If your kit can double up as a reusable shopping bag, a make-up bag, or a watch case, they’re going to be remembering their flight experience with your airline every time they go to use it.

Celebrate Good Times

Nothing creates an emotional connection like a themed kit. This is simply because it’s human nature to enjoy celebration. It’s an occasion they look forward to. In fact, it could even be the reason they’re traveling with you in the first place. The Lufthansa Oktoberfest kit last year was so immensely popular that we’ve seen it gracing many an arm long after the festival finished!

It takes knowledge and expertise to create a ‘take me home’ amenity kit. And if you get it right, the perfect amenity kit will be the gift that keeps on giving.

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