Making Waves with Multifunctional Dining Ware

Premium Experience

Multifunctional dining ware is a fast-evolving part of the premium experience, with airlines racing to be innovative onboard.

Nowadays, items can be multifunctional, rather than one-dimensional.

In fact, we’ve been working with award-winning lifestyle design brand, Magisso, to create multi-functional dining ware, that’s both eye-catching and smart.

The result? The Airwaves Collection: a classically Nordic style dining ware set that also contains 13 smart signature items that can take on other forms…


A Multifunctional Twist

 The star of the show, once this cocktail stirrer has mixed the drink it can clip itself snugly onto the side of the glass, enhancing the premium drinking experience.

Once the tablecloth is pulled out, the napkin rings can also be used as a convenient and beautiful place to rest your cutlery. We also have a mini-tray, which can function as a tray for a meal, or as a handy dessert plate.

The salt and pepper shakers are more than what they seem. The salt shaker doubles up as a spinner for non-electronic inflight entertainment, while the pepper shaker can also be a base station for the shaker set.

Modular Nordic Design

The elegant and ergonomic design is created with space saving in mind. It’s modular, multi-functional and designed to make life easy for the crew.

Based on Magisso’s minimalistic and smart approach, the Airwaves series was exclusively designed for airline needs and passengers’ desires.

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