The Many Faces of Premium

Premium Experience

The ‘Premium Experience’: it’s a term we’re all more than familiar with. It’s a powerful force that’s essential to encouraging customer loyalty through creating exclusivity and luxury.

But what does that actually mean?


Is it always fully-luxurious pampering, a spacious seating area you could swing an elephant in and Michelin-starred dining?

The truth is, Premium doesn’t have a singular meaning. It’s multi-faceted and different to each brand. How each brand translates premium depends on how the airline defines luxury. The individual definition of luxury spurs on a unique definition of their own Premium Experience.


Eva Hotz, Product Manager for Premium Experience at SPIRIANT: “Airlines should be thinking about their own version of Premium and taking ownership of that.”

Translating Premium

The trick is to know your brand inside out. What do your passengers need from premium and more crucially, what are their expectations

Luxury is a spectrum and your brand lives somewhere on that spectrum, meaning your passengers will align their vision with yours.

Our product manager for Premium Experience, Eva Hotz, says: “Airlines are facing challenges when it comes to their Premium Experience offering because they’re attempting to achieve areas of luxury that aren’t cohesive with their brand. They should be thinking about their own version of Premium and taking ownership of that.”

Creating Excellence

SPIRIANT truly excel in helping airlines attain a Premium Experience offering that’s synonymous with their brand. We explore an airline’s essence and vision, analyzing how to deliver a premium experience to their customers.


The fact is often it’s the little touches that can help accentuate a brand, it doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Think Porcelain dining ware, luxurious table linen or culturally aligned details; all these small switch ups can have a big impact overall.

SPIRIANT knows that the secret to Premium is understanding your passengers’ needs. We’re experts at molding your own, unique premium experience offering that will keep customers invested in and loyal to your brand.

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