Merging Culture into Design: A Necessary Beauty



Posted: October 13, 2017

At SPIRIANT, we’re proud to be a global company; with employees and customers hailing from all corners of the world, speaking a multitude of languages, with varying beliefs and traditions at its heart.

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This diversity permeates through to all corners of our company, but is ever-present in our approach to design. We understand that strength lies in understanding the deeper cultural values of others; it means we can be as adaptable and knowledgeable for our customers as possible.

If the Slipper Fits…

For us, comfort is two-fold; physical and mental. You have to be at ease with your surroundings to be comfortable and if your cultural needs are covered, relaxation is far more achievable.

SPIRIANT Amenity KitTake our new partnership with Asiana airlines as a prime example. In Korea, slippers have cultural weight as they protect the feet from external dirt once you’ve removed your shoes. That’s why our new Economy Smartium Class amenity kits, for Asiana’s new A350 aircraft house high quality, luxurious slippers for passengers to slip their feet into.

We respect the need for cleanliness and comfort, with plush and premium slippers made up of a very soft terry cloth that’s not typical for premium economy…bliss for all passengers!

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Perfect Partners

Creating a home away from home is the ideal goal, as that’s what keeps your passengers content and relaxed.  By letting cultural influence into our design we can be more cohesive, inclusive and create memorable experiences that go way beyond the basics.

At SPIRIANT, we know that learning is an ongoing part of progression and cultural influence allows us to absorb, acquire knowledge and evolve.

Have you been impressed by any cultural influence onboard recently? Share with us below.

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