New Concepts, New Approaches: the SPIRIANT Way


Our teams are always switched on – from making sure our customers get the best deals with a fast turnaround to delivering great custom care. It’s a lot, but these guys make it look easy. So, we sat down with Christine Danielmeier from Sales, Dmitry Gusev from Procurement and Dominik Stertz from Supply Chain Management to learn a bit more about how they always deliver. Grab a cup of coffee and read away …

1.    How can a SALES person help customers keep up with innovations without having to refit an entire fleet?

One of the main challenges is that every piece is part of a series. Even if you change just one piece of your tableware concept it all still needs to fit on either the same tray and in the same trolley. It’s like fitting a jigsaw together.

In sales, we introduce partial or completely new business concepts. We have our designers present a lot of different designs, which the client then chooses from.

For this, it’s all about balancing functionality, budget and design. Sometimes there are marketing, design and procurement people who all have different targets – you need to keep everyone happy. Moderating and managing the different stakeholders is key.

We have enough experience with our core customers to manage these kinds of projects on a regular basis. Our strength lies in helping clients at the most time-consuming ideas stage by hosting workshops, bringing in our designer and procurement people and guiding them through the concept development.

2.    When it comes to PROCUREMENT, how does sourcing keep costs down?

cargo trucksWe’re super German… in a good way! We say what we think and deliver what we say.

With experience from different customers and suppliers, we learn from a lot of sources. So, the level of support we provide from concept to creation is pretty unbeatable.

We have a huge knowledge bank and can understand if there’s a gap between the budget target and concept target. We come up with solutions that are ready to go and can be fine-tuned to each customer.

It’s Procurement’s job to help the customer understand what they really want and what ideas are on the market. We think about different ways around challenges, such as space saving and make sure we guide the customer through timings, testing and budgets.

We also look for the best solutions to optimize logistic costs with a total cost of ownership approach. For example, in the USA sometimes it’s cheaper to have two suppliers globally: one for the West Coast and another one for the East Coast, rather than using inland transport. Thanks to our global supplier network, we can link this up and provide the customer with the optimized sourcing set-up.

This is also true for our relationships in Asia. We’ve got more than 10 years of sourcing in the region under our belts with an established quality control team which is a state of the art in the industry.

3.    How do LOGISTICS help SPIRIANT customers be more efficient?

SPIRIANT don’t just deliver the equipment; we do all the project management. So, we have a great overview of everything. Plus, we’re managing around Warehousing40+ projects a month.

Our global network means we can deal with different regions that may have different systems very seamlessly. Our Germanness comes into play again as we help customers make sure the whole process is documented and tracked properly.

With a dedicated system for inbound and outbound tracking, we can always find the best solution for logistical needs, whether it’s serving direct, or going through warehouses.

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