No More Rogue Trolleys: Condor are the First Airline to Implement SkylogistiX’ SkyTrack!

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Posted: November 28, 2016

Condor SkylogisitX SkyTrack

Did you know that one trolley has more air-miles than a cross-country sales-person?

The season begins and our trolleys sit waiting to roll out to our customers. But what would happen if that one trolley went rogue and slipped off in Barbados? Who could blame a humble trolley for wanting to wheel across the white sands?

Of course, trolleys don’t really take holidays, but there is a myriad of reasons why one might go rogue.

From equipment shortages to empty warehouses, there’s a lot to think about. Trolleys can be currently in use, being changed, repaired or stored somewhere or other. As an airline constantly thinking about the high logistical effort and cost it takes to keep an eye on equipment, this could be fatal.

Enter SkyTrack’s Tech Solution!

Condor SkylogisitX’ SkyTrackLuckily, SkylogistiX know and sympathize with this problem. They’re working with the leading European leisure carrier Condor, to launch their tracking solution, SkyTrack.

This tech solution keeps trolley tracking as smooth and seamless as possible.

Condor, part of Thomas Cook Group, as the first airline to implement SkyTrack, is now able to easily monitor their network stocks. All Condor trolleys will be equipped with a long-lasting, quick response (QR) code that generates a unique identifying number.

Easy as 1, 2, Scan!

Condor SkylogisitX’ SkyTrackHandling agents can scan the trolley with either a handheld scanner or a smartphone. SkylogistiX have made sure the system is easy to use and realistic in even the most remote of places, anticipating and combating any possible trolley shortages before they arise.

The scanned trolleys can then be found in a central data system and SkyTrack can be customized to the airline’s need for positioning and inventory data.

Along with the QR code the system SkylogistiX is working on an advanced solution to develop a network of RFID gates and integrated fleet management systems. This would help manage all logistic aspects needed to keep a clear overview of all the trolleys available or in use.

You’ll never have a trolley go rogue again…


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