Why passengers love amenity kits that are for keeps

Amenity Kits

Amenity kits are an ideal way for airlines to create an emotional connection with passengers. The opportunity for powerful branding, luxury products and an exciting experience is becoming ever-competitive.

But amenity kits that can be used long after  the flight  has ended are favoured by passengers.

In the race to be unique and value-driven, airlines need to offer new amenity kits that go beyond a one-time use.

Where to begin? Here are some of our recent creations to inspire you…


The Beach Pillow/Pouch

WTCE attendees will have seen our special amenity beach pillow/pouch unveiled. It’s an amenity kit that can be used as a cosmetic sack, but can also be blown up and used as a beach pillow or inflatable phone protector.

Its uses are multi-faceted and will be valued by the passenger long after their journey Ends.


The Totes Bag

We helped Lufthansa create a set of amenity kits for Premium Economy. The totes bag style amenity kit is based on major landmarks around the globe. The kits offer five attractive and striking motifs:  The Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Frankfurt Skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bags are completely reusable, making them perfect for shopping or taking to the beach, therefore reducing the use of wholly unnecessary single-use plastic bags.

Amenity kits

Amenity kits









Do you want advice on creating a ‘take me home’ amenity kit? Contact us info@spiriant.com



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