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Posted: June 18, 2018


Special occasions require early planning, right? Whether it’s for the flights around Christmas Time or the Easter holidays, for airlines it’s also all about planning ahead to eventually create “special moments” on board. That’s why our Customer Service team starts looking into new products, in this case children’s toys, for the upcoming seasons well in advance.
That’s all well and good, but how does the process behind look like? And how can SPIRIANT help customers from the early stage to the final product – a toy that keeps the young passengers entertained and happy?
It all starts with an in-depth trend research, attending relevant fairs to get inspiration and find out what’s the “new black” in the toy industry. We can tell you, there are super fancy things out there, but it’s then SPIRIANT’s job to see which ideas can actually be realized on board of an airplane.


Final Kids_CorrectAfter narrowing down the ideas, we let our employees’ children test the first samples and incorporate their first-hand feedback into the further design process. We can then suggest customers thought-through products that actually win children’s heart on board. And once that’s decided, we look at how it works operationally – like how many of the toys fit into one drawer (no worries, SPIRIANT takes over the in-house stowage testing!). Plus, we’ll find a way to customize the kid toy to make it fit your brand image without blowing your budget.
LH-Kids-Car-Organizer-02aAnd the best thing? Our products will not only make it to the playground carpet , but also to the red carpet…just recently, the Children Amenity Kit Car Organizer that we developed for Lufthansa has been honored for its practical design, high functionality and engaging content with a TravelPlus Award.
After the Award season, we’re now already approaching summer period.  We see that it might not be the most obvious thing to think of the 2019 Easter season when it’s super hot outside, but special moments require planning ahead.

Contact us and let SPIRIANT support you all the way from first to last. We can already see the sparkling in the children’s eyes!

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