Procurement and Brand Management: The Perfect Marriage

Amenity Kits

The foundation of SPIRIANT is built on the winning combination of art and science coming together to create functional, yet attractive solutions. And this doesn’t just apply to our products…

Our Brand Development Manager, Julia Grund, brings the perfect marriage of a background in Procurement to Brand Management. Why is it such a powerful combination? It means that SPIRIANT take care of everything, so customers can have complete peace of mind. We caught up with Julia to find out more.

reportage-grund-julia-grund-ng-addy-7206What does your procurement background add to your role as Amenity Kit Brand Development Manager?

Branding is an emotive area and is driven by feelings and human reaction. On the other hand, procurement is very much analytical and concerned with legalities. This experience allows me to switch mindsets and approach branding from an unemotional perspective when needed.

The upshot of this, is that I will try to negotiate the best prices and the most trustworthy and high quality suppliers and brands to work with, so our customers get the best for their money.

How do you deal with potential pitfalls in the brand management process?

There are two main pitfalls that might arise, which my background fortunately allows me to pre-empt and hurdle over. Firstly, I make sure that there’s a broad brand portfolio, so there’s always the perfect product for an airline’s brand. Secondly, I understand how to mireportage-grund-julia-grund-ng-addy-6949nimize lead times by up to 50% by maximizing production and development capacities.

As you can see, the creative world of amenity kits is being supercharged with Julia’s analytical procurement background.

Are you excited to see what new amenity kit SPIRIANT has in store? Watch this space!

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