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A key part in the fourth kit of our #flysafe collection is the included facemask. While the other kits either contain reusable cotton masks or disposable single-use maks, our ‘new amenity kit’ contains a facemask that has been treated using the eco-friendly and highly protectable FUZE material.

Airlines are increasingly under pressure to ensure appropriate protection for their passengers in a bid to fight the spread of the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). SPIRIANT has conducted intensive research on the market for face masks. While cotton or non-woven materials still present the most popular options, FUZE represents the first material that is not only completely safe for use against the spread of viruses but also completely sustainable.

FUZE is a substance that can be applied to almost all surfaces and keep it clean from 99.9% of all bacteria and mold. The material is sourced sustainably and has no negative impact on the environment. These factors make FUZE a holistic approach that still emphasizes sustainability while ensuring complete hygienic safety.

Testing for the use of FUZE masks against COVID-19 is currently ongoing. While there has not been a final result yet, the first stages of testing seem very promising. The material stays protective for up to 100 washes.

If you want to find out more about our FUZE facemask and our bid to ensure comfort and safety in Air Travel, contact us here.

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