Rotable vs. Disposable: Do You Have to Pick a Side?

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Hover-Tray The decision-making process when choosing new tray concepts, individual meal boxes or cutlery sets can be tricky to navigate. After a wealth of characteristics have been considered (design, functionality, aesthetics and cost), there remains one big, burning question: shall we go for rotable or disposable?

First thing’s first: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Our advice would be to start off the process by making a list what of what works for you. What are your brand’s considerations? What fits in with your values and goals? How do you want to be viewed?


Airlines who are ingraining sustainability into their brand will be more inclined to opt for rotable solutions. With rotables, you’re investing in longevity and an option that can be reused time and time again, plus we offer cost-effective and attractive solutions to suit all needs.


It’s true that disposable options can give you more flexibility in terms of jumping onto trends. But if you do opt for disposable, you’ll need to think about waste management. Our hugely popular foldable drawer waste bag concept solves this problem and dispenses with the need for an extra waste trolley.

Dining-BasketMix and Match

Of course, you can always mix and match! Many airlines choose to do this because they can invest in rotables, but still keep their flexibility. Why not keep it rotable with a sugar cane series for the breakfast service and disposable for the dinner service?

Whether it’s going for a rotable-only approach or for a hybrid solution, let SPIRIANT support you every step of the way to get the best of both, sustainability and flexibility.

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