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Posted: March 8, 2018

Static, flyaway hair. It’s the last thing passengers want to have to contend with at the end of a long-haul flight.

Reportage-Grit-Peschke-6606-Quer_blogPicture the scene…your regular business class flyer is trying to get some much-needed shut eye before an important presentation in the morning. Nerves are already shaky, but the comfortable luxurious bedding helps calm her before she drifts off. She wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to go, but one glance in the mirror tells a different story. Her hair is defying gravity and is not coming back down to earth.

At SPIRIANT, we know that the success of good bedding, especially a pillow doesn’t just mean comfort and visual appeal.

Enter, our Carbon Fiber Pillow.


The anti-static, anti-bacterial benefits and odor-fighting benefits of carbon fiber are widely acknowledged. It works by absorbing the body’s static electricity and putting a stop to the formation of an electric field around us.

Grit-Peschke-Portrait_blogGrit Peschke, Onboard Comfort Manager, says: “It’s so important for airlines to consider all the small details that might seem trivial at first. The anti-static carbon pillow is a great example of how a small change can make such a big difference to the passenger experience – especially to female passengers.”

We love looking into these details that can make a woman’s travel experience better and would like to wish all women everywhere a happy International Women’s Day.

Whilst we celebrate women around the world today, come and celebrate our Onboard Comfort Innovations with us at WTCE, Hall A1, Booth 1E20.

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