Signature Items Beyond Standard Salt and Pepper Shakers

Premium Experience

Premium dining ware is a beautiful part of the passenger experience. Airlines have an opportunity to introduce cultural traditions, play with current trends and provide a luxury experience for customers.

While looking to impress with overall collections is vital, many airlines don’t realize that signature items and small changes within a collection can have just as big an impact on passengers.

Let’s take a look…

Shake up the look of a dining set by adding unusual salt and pepper shakers into the mix. Materials such as slate or rice husk are unexpected and also give the opportunity to play with a light and shadow concept.

Try introducing a slate black cheese plate to a purely white dining set for an unexpected monochrome appeal. Monochrome is classic, eye catching and timeless in its starkness.


Put a sustainable twist on a collection by adding rice husk chopsticks or a glass stirrer. With sustainability such a hot (and important) topic, passengers will notice efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly products into the cabin.

With the premium dining experience, one additional product can make the world of difference. Dining is an emotional experience which should be visually immersive as well as pleasing the taste buds.

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